Posted 5.9.16

Backdoorshoes Australia Site Updated

Eazyweb is pleased to have been able to produce a shiny new overhaul for funky gardening shoe website - Backdoorshoes!

After having helped with the design of the global branding for this multinational shoe company, on its launch into the Australian market in 2013, Eazyweb were invited to produce the website and ecommerce platform for this exciting shoe company.

Backdoorshoes range of waterfproof gardening shoes

Backdoorshoes make a range of easy-on, easy-off waterproof plastic gardening shoes, ideal for slipping on at the back door when going out to carry out chores around the garden, walking the dog, putting out the bins... or indeed anything outside.

The product range is fun and fresh, so it made the site development go smoothly! Nice big imagery of the products - waterproof gardening shoes sporting wonderful designs - are displayed within an easy-to use Online Catalogue and an easy Checkout is integrated with a PayPal Shopping Basket. All up, the website has been an outstanding success, helping to propel the company to a massive 200% increase in sales within 3 months of launch.

The updates include a route for customers to become Resellers via a 'Backdoorshoes Box' reseller program.

The site is launching into the New Zealand market shortly, so there is also a seperate website being developed for that too.

Many more updates are planned, and its a case of onwards and upwards for Australia's favourite gardening shoe company, Backdoorshoes.


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