Posted 21.11.14

Interactive 3D is the way to go!

Eazyweb have always created 3D design for clients, that's nothing new. But these days, a 3D rendering of a product or building is sometimes not enough. As well as a basic 3D rendering of their new building extension, printed to PDF, Eazyweb clients can also benefit from a fully interactive 3D view of their building, thanks to the Eazyweb 3D Architectural Visualisation service.

interactive 3d real time demo for building architectural visualisation

Eazyweb is able to create accurate 3D models of buildings and landscapes, and then output them in real-time allowing the client to fully visualise the proposed space.

During the modelling stages, Google Earth can be used to ensure accurate geographic placement and orientation, allowing us to accurately present the context of the space to our clients.

Various additional features can be produced, including 'sun studies' showing the amount & direction of shade over a proposed plot.

High quality rendered print outputs can be added to the bundle of services as well, together with a basic construction animation showing the building being built.

Perhaps the most impressive output, however, is the realtime 3D. This format allows the client to virtually walk around a scene, viewing it from any angle they desire. In addition, we can program the ability for the client to change materials & objects at runtime, for example to see how a particular building element would look with an optional choice of material, or to show/hide a particular part of the building.

interactive realtime 3D for architectural visualisation show hide materials and objects

Projects can be delivered as either a standalone player optimised in high quality for PC or MAC desktops, as well as a Mobile version optimised for Android and for iOS. In addition, we can deliver a lower quality 'Web Player' version, which runs directly from within the main web browsers. (see example interactive 3D Web Player)

More Info

For more information on the Eazyweb 3D Architectural Visualisation service, please contact Eazyweb today by filling in the Contact Form here.

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