Posted 1.3.15

Mates Rates Carpentry

Eazyweb is pleased to announce the launch of a website for Mates Rates Carpentry, an Australian construction company specialising in building homes, extensions and renovations.

The team at Mates Rates Carpentry have worked in close collaboration with Eazyweb to deliver a site custom fit to their needs. Mates Rates explained that they were hoping to showcase their business services online, in the hope of reaching more consumers. And having dealt with many small businesses since launching in 1996, Eazyweb were able to craft a professional, modern website featuring a host of beautiful images and slick transitions that really illustrate the services Mates Rates’

On top of creating a site which puts Mates Rates on the digital map, Eazyweb was commissioned to build in some extra features as well, including a social media presence at the top of the website which links to the business’s Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.

When dealing with small businesses, Eazyweb starts from scratch in getting to know the individuals and personnel involved before creating a template and design that suits the needs of the business.

Thereafter, if the client wishes to have additional features such as a social media presence, Eazyweb will implement it so that the client’s vision is brought to life!


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Mates Rates Carpentry

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